Our Story

Do you remember the era when there were only a few storytellers in the world? Back then, it was quite challenging for people to tell their stories to the world and become renowned authors. But the landscape of the writing industry has changed now; it’s been digitalized!

Today, our world has become a global library. With storytellers from across the globe penning down their thoughts and ideas, we have exciting stories and thoughts from the distant corners of the world.

It’s somewhat tricky for an aspiring authors to let their voices be heard by the mainstream and create their niche in the literary world.

While picking out a book to read, readers mostly prefer following a list of recommended titles from an avid reader in their circle. This way, while depending on somebody else’s preferred choice in books, they miss out on the essence of exploring the literary world on their own.

Thus, Collins Bookstore mustered courage and became the voice of many storytellers who want to reach out to the world. We have made things more straightforward and comfortable for writers and readers alike. We provide a virtual platform of “Being Different,” where there is no need to follow a recommended list. At Collins Bookstore, we make sure you make your own reading choices!

So come, discover the real world of new stories and create YOUR list of books for yourself. You might not like some, but you would love many of them! And what matters the most is that you will cherish the experience of reading a story you never knew existed.


“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”  Forrest Gump.


At Collins Bookstore

We support unheard stories and make them Great Stories. These stories have their readers out there, and Collins is the best at reaching them out!

Our Purpose

We are empowering authors to make people hear their voices. Yes!!! At Collins Bookstore, we help self-published books worldwide on our online bookstore, placing them on the FRONT display.

Being a voice of many aspiring authors, Collins provides a platform where debut authors get promoted to make their titles a Bestseller.

Collins Bookstore does not sell bestsellers; we help in making them one. Therefore, our best-tellers’ house encourages a person to become an author and make their best tales into the best sales.

Our Vision

“To connect readers with debut novels and books written by unparalleled storytellers around the globe, because every story matters.”

Dream To Be?

We dream of becoming a bookstore that will promote debut authors and make their books a bestseller.

Our Mission

To premier debut authors by promoting their self-published books, covering all genres, and placing them at the front on all our marketing platforms& because we have something for everyone to sell. We aim to inspire people to read and dive into the world of contemporary literature.

Our Values

Core Value:
We believe that ‘Every Story Matters&’ Each of us has our own story to tell; All it takes is to connect a storyteller and reader on the same frequency.

We’re passionate about being the voice of an aspiring author.

To make authors from no one be the ONE.

What we sell, we do it well.

We have taken the courage to shape a new world of reading books.

Respect for People:
We encourage the development of writers and value them by rewarding their performance.