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General Terms and Conditions:

1. The author wishes Collins Bookstore to publish the Work and grants Collins Bookstore the nonexclusive option to alter, design, digitize, publicize, distribute and sell, and deliver the Work in any capacity CB considers suitable, and grants CB the right to circulate the Work worldwide, and gather all monies for Books sold by CB; CB consents to pay royalties consistently to the author, starting with the most recent day of the primary entire month of distribution.

2. The author is obliged to present their manuscript to us in a format consistent with the guidelines set, except if such manuscript is already held by CB for a book that is in printed design. Inability to do so can bring about extra charges.

3. Additional conversion charges may apply dependent on the idea of the manuscript/book. A few instances of special formatting include: text boxes, bullets, selected formatting, manual hyphenation, scanned pictures, floating images, unique characters, segments, numerical conditions, tables, and so forth.

a. Book files/manuscripts in PDF design are consequently special formatting and require an extra conversion charge.

4. CB will evaluate the manuscript for consistent formatting within a reasonable time span and will notify the author of any potential issues related to the content or formatting. The author will be given the right to choose between having the document returned to them to make the changes or CB will provide them with a quote to alter the manuscript for pre-publication.

5. CB has the privilege to

a. Scan, convert, or in any case render the print edition of a title preconceived by the Author to authorize an eBook, including without constraint any content, information, data, software programming, photos, charts, videos, typefaces, graphic designs, music, sounds, and other material contained therein, into an eBook, in an appropriate format for the sale, dissemination, advertising, display, licensing and marketing of such Books by CB.

b. Reproduce and disperse the Books and offer for the purchase or license to CB’s clients, distributors and licensees,

c. Store the eBooks on servers facilitated by or in the interest of CB,

d. Record and catalog the eBooks; and

e. Use the eBooks as given herein.

6. The eBooks may be available for sale, advertising, display, dissemination, certifying and campaign in any economically accessible digitized format or on any electronic gadget platform like Kindle, regardless of whether presently existing or hereafter created or developed, which offers industry standard and which is circulated and comprehensible using any electronic media and innovation of data entry, stockpiling, retrieval, broadcast, exhibition, and production of any sorts whether currently existing or henceforth made or created, including without restriction PCs and hand-held gadgets.

7. CB reserves the right to make the Books offered for sale, publicizing, display, delivery, authorizing and advertising on a universal basis.

8. CB maintains the right to determine the appearance of all online appearances together with but not limited to, virtual marketing, listing and eBook appearance.

9. CB reserves the right to distribute and demonstrate via download all front matter of an eBook and 1ST Chapter of an eBook (non-exclusive of an eBook’s front matter) free as a tester.

10. It is CB’s right to halt different promotional stuff/programs. Also, CB holds the right to make replacements of various promotional items/programs with or without a prior statement of the changeover to the author as long as the item/program is of equal or greater value.

11. CB is not and will not be accountable to the author or any other body/entity for lost benefits or revenues due to, identifying with or regarding the accommodation of Work.

12. CB isn’t and won’t be obligated to the author for any removal or loss of the Work in any capacity whatsoever. It is the author’s obligation to hold total and complete records and duplicates, of all materials/files relating to the Work pre and post-publication.

13. CB maintains all authority to alter any segment of these Terms and Conditions whenever with 30-day electronic notification to the author. These changes incorporate, however, are not restricted to, timing, royalty installment structure, programs, special offers or policies and strategies. All alterations will be viewed as acknowledged if CB doesn’t get a written request to terminate the agreement in writing within 30 days of the notification. All alterations are authoritative and supplant every past Term and Conditions. In the occasion the writer can’t help contradicting any change, the selective remedy is to terminate, all Terms and Conditions and distribution of their Work recorded as a hard copy to CB, within the 30 days.

14. CB will give data about the Work to outside vendors to empower them to sell the Work, however won’t be answerable for the turnaround times, accommodation arrangements, listing policies, blunders, or selling strategies of any outsider merchant.

15. CB has the option to offer the discounted cost to all buyers, including, however not restricted to merchants, bookstores, schools, libraries, and quantity buyers.

16. CB won’t be considered liable for blunders in the book, including, yet not restricted to, spelling mistakes, language and punctuation, style of work, adulterated documents, PC formatting blunders, and missing textual styles.

17. CB maintains whatever authority is needed to dismiss any Work in any way, shape or form whenever.

18. CB claims all authority to advertise the Work, utilizing techniques it considers fitting to showcase and disseminate the book worldwide.

19. Upon the author’s acceptance of CB’s “Book Agreement” CB will present the Work to grouped distribution channels including e-retailers, sites, and so forth, however won’t be obligated for delays, mistakes, the resistance of such wholesalers, providers, e-retailers, etc.

20. Upon the author’s agreeing to CB’s “Book Agreement” the author is approving that the Work is satisfactory. Any progressions or remedies from that point will be exposed to CB’s post-production accommodation rules and pricing.

21. Royalty statements will be delivered on a monthly basis to the author via email only.

22. The royalty income period will be mentioned on the statement.

23. Royalty payments are paid to the author via merchandise payment (PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards) only.

24. CB isn’t answerable for, yet will try to take care of and return, submitted photographs and artwork.

Author Responsibilities:

1. The author maintains that the person is the sole writer of Work, and proprietor of the copyright and entirely the contents of the Work and has full ability to go into this Agreement; that the individual has not occupied with counterfeiting concerning the Work; and that the author, if submitting Work that is to incorporate any content that doesn’t belong to the author or to which the author doesn’t claim the copyright to, has acquired the copyright proprietor’s written consent to utilize any such material and will give CB a duplicate of all written authorizations for use at the hour of accommodation to CB, and that all such uses will be so noted in the Work; and will send a duplicate of the Copyright Form to CB after the form has been stamped and returned to the author by the Library of Congress.

2. The author ensures CB that the Work is precise, isn’t disregarding anybody’s privacy, isn’t harmful, obscene, offensive, derogatory, or in any case an infringement or encroachment of any government, state, or neighborhood law, rule, or code, and further consents to hold CB, its employees, directors, investors, agents, beneficiaries and appoints, innocuous for any harms resulting from any litigation resulting from the publication of the Work.

3. The author further ensures CB that the Work, if fiction, does exclude the name or potentially resemblance of any real individual, living or dead; and that all characters in the fictional work who may have been derived from real people have modified names and adjusted physical ascribes, to invalidate any similitude or similarity between the genuine individual, location, or occasion, and the fictional character or area, except for historical facts, figures, places, occasions, and so on as set forth by the USA Copyright laws and regulations.

4. The author concurs that CB will not at all get responsibility for Work and that the author is allowed to seek all distributing ventures that don’t include the utilization of CB’s name or logo, resemblance, digital designing, standardized tag (barcode), copyright page, or ISBN. 

5. The writer gives CB the right to offer types of assistance, including, yet not restricted to, the overall dissemination of the Book, publicizing, selling, and printing of the Work.

6. The author concurs that CB isn’t liable for altering, incorrect spellings, modifying, page-numbering, indexing, reviewing, or any sort of other blunders in the Work. 

7. The author comprehends that CB will take the author’s eBook document and put forth a valiant effort to fix any undeniable issues coming about because of the record being moved to CB’s frameworks before sending the author a first verification; and that any progressions that are made to the eBook from there on, paying little mind to their origin, will be made at the author’s solicitation and may cause an extra expense.

8. The author claims all authority to stop the selling of the Work by CB by giving in writing a notice to CB, and recognizes that CB isn’t answerable for duplicates of the Work that has just been sold, as well as delivered to the market. 

9. The author comprehends that a sign on this arrangement approves all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

10. It is the author’s duty to contact CB on the occasion they don’t get their assertion through email in a convenient way. 

11. It is the author’s obligation to inform CB promptly of any difference in Physical Street or emailing address.

12. The author will provide CB with a digital copy of their manuscript on our required formatting (no printed version manuscripts will be acknowledged for eBook distributing).

Pricing and Royalty Structure:

1. Prices for all fiction and non-fiction books are set as per the market competitive pricing strategy.

2. Authors will be financed 70% of the sales cost for all the books sold.

3. Royalty payments will be made to authors dependent on the nature of the sales such as retail, wholesale, or others. 

4. CB will retain final discretion over the cover cost of the Work.

5. CB will allocate one of its ISBNs (if one has not been assigned) to the book and submit significant data about the Work to the “eBooks in Print” database for which additional charges may incur.

6. CB will enter the eBook into their computerized book distributing framework with the goal that the book might be disseminated.

7. CB will design a professional book cover for the Work (whenever required). It will incorporate the intro page and will utilize either eminence-free craftsmanship of its procurement (a sum will be charged) or utilize satisfactory artwork from the author.

General Provisions:

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA. All monetary transactions will be in US dollars only. This written Agreement contains all and is the only Agreement, and supersedes any other agreement, oral, written, or otherwise construed as a prior agreement between the author and CB. This Agreement cannot be appended, changed, modified, words added or deleted except by the mutual written agreement of the author and CB; and further, is binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns of the author and CB.

If you have any other concerns, feedbacks, or queries, you can contact us directly.

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