Is eBook going to take over Paper Book?

As technology is growing so rapidly, we see the digitalization of almost everything. Now talking about books, the publishing industry recently has adapted the trend of publishing books digitally, and eBooks have become quite popular. However, the death of printed books because of e-books has not materialized; instead, the two publishing formats have existed simultaneously.

Lets have a look at both. If we talk about Paper books then emotionally to readers, there is a much more immediate connect while you physically have the book in hand. The smell of paper, the feel of paper, the look of it are all reasons why many people love reading in the first place. Paper books have the feeling that many readers love. They are also easier on the eyes since there’s no screen time involved while reading.

Then when we look at eBooks, while reading, one can be easily distracted and end up doing something else on the device with just one notification pop-up. Though if we talk about the storage and the cost-effectiveness, then the eBooks definitely win at this. Paper Books are relatively more expensive than eBooks, and you can have the eBook stored on your device for as long as you want without worrying about it wearing out or losing it. Also, another plus point about eBooks is that with just one single device, you can carry your whole collection of books with access to it anytime and anywhere.

So, I dont think it is about which is going to overpower which one but one thing we know for sure is that the while the smell of an old book makes you want to read it all over again while losing yourself in the book. eBooks are also here to stay with all the ease and accessibility they have to offer.

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