Collins Bookstore assures your peace of mind by offering you returns within 60 days of purchase (excluding few items). *

The return process is quicker and easy if you are an account holder of Collins Bookstore; you can simply go and return your parcel to your nearest Collins Bookstore sales point. If you have purchased our product/service as a guest, then you should contact our customer services department for a refund.

Return Options

You can return your purchased items by personally going to the store or by post.

In-store Return

  • Login to your account
  • Opposite to the item you wish to return, click the Detail button
  • Several options will appear, please choose return to store
  • Print your Collins Bookstore In-Store Return Receipt
  • Drop your item, along with the return receipt to your nearest Collins Bookstore.
  • If return to store option is not showing for your item, then this item cannot be returned in store.
  • Last Return Date is written on In-Store Receipt, and it will be also mentioned if this item is non-refundable.

If you require further help to return in store, then you can contact our customer services team by emailing at

Return via Post Office

  • If you want to return your item within 60 days via mail, please contact our customer services team first through this email
  • Please provide your order number and the reasons for your return. The subject of this email should be Return approval required.
  • We will contact you back within 24 hours and email you a return label.
  • After receiving your return label, please pack your item properly.
  • Paste your return label on the package, make sure the bar code is visible.
  • Please send this parcel using recorded delivery and keep the tracking number safe.
  • Once we receive your parcel; we will issue a refund credit within 5 working days.
  • You are responsible for the returned item until it reaches our warehouse, so make sure you pay the correct postage and track the item delivery.

The refund amount will be transferred to the credit or debit card which was used for the purchase. If you have used a gift card to buy the returned item, then the refund will be sent back to the gift card.

The shipping and handling charges will be deducted from the return amount. On oversized items, a 10 percent restocking fee may be applied.

Opened electronic items (CDs, DVDs, Video Games, etc.) can only be accepted if they are defective but original packaging must be returned with them. Electronic items that are not defective must be sealed in their original packaging.

* Items like e-books, Audio Downloads cannot be returned, customers should check these items compatibility with their devices before purchase and download.
* Items marked as non-returnable cannot be accepted.

*Wholesale items cannot be returned in-store.

How to Check Order Status?

You can the check status of your current and previous orders, anytime by logging to your account. On the top right corner of any page, click My Account then enter your account details and you will see your complete order history.

To check wholesale order status please email us at

How to ship to many addresses at once?

If you want to send gifts to your friends and family at different addresses, then at checkout, opt for the “Ship to Multiple Addresses” option. In this way, you can send items to multiple addresses at once. Detailed steps are:

  • First sign in to your account, if you are a first-time customer then you have to provide all details like shipping information, billing address, your contact details, etc.
  • If you want this item to be delivered to different addresses, then select the “Ship to Multiple Addresses” option and provide these addresses if they are not saved in your account already.
  • Select the delivery address for every item and shipping method for each address. At this point, you can also select the gift wrap for every item.
  • Once again check the order details, payment details, and delivery addresses. The last step is to click the SUBMIT button.

Queries about Shipping to Multiple Addresses

Can I send the same book to different addresses?

Yes, we have provided a special feature Ship to Multiple Addresses” for this purpose. For instance, you want to post your favorite novel to your four friends, simply select four copies and then click “Ship to Multiple Addresses. You will see four different items in your cart, after that type the four addresses against every copy, if you want to send two copies to one address then select that address twice.

How much it costs to send a book to different addresses?

We charge the usual per order shipping cost for every copy. For example, if you are sending five copies by using the Ship to Multiple Addresses” feature and the shipping cost for one copy is 2 dollars then your total shipping cost will be 10 dollars.

How can I enter more than one shipping address?

If you are registered with us, then simply log in to your account; open your address book, and put your shipping address there. After entering your first address, click the plus button, and add another shipping address and so on.

I want to buy many books to send as business gifts, can I buy all these books in one go?

Our multiple shipping option can process up to 100 items at one go, but if your order quantity is more than 100 items then I suggest place another order. Sometimes the web browser doesnt work efficiently if the order is too large, so place several orders of 100 items. Another option is that you contact our customer support team, as they assist in bulk ordering.

I want to send a gift to my friend, but I dont want her to know how much I have paid, is it possible?
While ordering if you click the option Is this a Gift?then we use gift packaging which doesnt show the price of the item. You will receive the electronic receipt at the end of your purchase. You can send your friend a gift message as well, which will be written on a card of your choice.