Avoid Dating PTSD

Do you find it hard to get into the dating world in these modern times? The good news is that you are not alone. Whether you are trying to get back into the dating scene after a divorce or have been off the market for a while, we are all struggling. This mostly happens because times have changed and after not dating for a while, we lose touch with just how much goes into dating. It is a whole different world after you have been a victim of heartbreak previously.
To begin your journey on uncharted territories, this book has a collection of do’s and don’ts. From the author’s personal experiences and lessons, readers will be able to get insight into how you can avoid repeating the same mistakes that landed you in your previous relationships that did not end well. As stressful as dating may seem, it is not that difficult to jump back into the dating pool. The book covers all the necessary information you may need before you begin your journey, such as you will be able to identify what signs define you as a love addict and if you are recovering from it. It also talks about hard-to-ignore topics like the PTSD that you can get by dating, how to identify a narcissist, and how to avoid them. Moreover, the book is filled with useful advice to keep yourself safe from potential dangers in dating that can be detrimental to your emotional, mental, as well as physical well-being.


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