Find Balance in Your Life

Born into a Christian missionary family, Carlos was a spoiled kid who never really cared about the blessings and privileges he had. Knowing his parents always had his back, he made terrible decisions, never worrying about the consequences. Little did he know that this laidback attitude would one day turn his life upside down.

Having a baby on the way when he was just 20, Carlos decided to turn his life around. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for him.

Falling down the deep pit of alcohol addiction, there seemed to be no way out. Separating from his wife, being discharged from the army, and not knowing what to do with himself, this book is all about the struggles of a man who repeatedly went astray but still managed to learn the lessons that life had stored for him and took something out of it. It’s all about how, despite having it all, you can end up with nothing at all, and when you have nothing at all, you may not have what you want but might end up with what you need.


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