Launch – A Guide to Successfully Transitioning Young Adults

R.A.W. Launch was written to inspire young adults to find themselves and who they want to be in life. Launching refers to a young adult’s ability to meet their own economic, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs successfully and independently. This book is meant to be a guide on your life’s journey into becoming a fully functioning adult with the skills, confidence, and vision to meet all your needs and accomplish all your life goals. During this process, the goal is to help you develop or improve your ability, identify your goals and career path, plan how to accomplish those goals, manage your time effectively, improve your focus and motivation to complete the tasks associated with your goals, work through distractions and life events, and be emotionally strong enough to know what do and how to navigate unexpected barriers.

By the end of this book, my hope is for you and those that support you to begin to learn the process of helping you develop the executive-function skills needed to thrive as a young adult in college, trade school, in your relationships, at work experiences, and with securing economic stability. Hopefully, this perspective will help you gather the resources, social support, and tools needed to better manage and process any additional difficult life experiences. My desire is to help you obtain the life you desire, the skills and motivation needed to achieve that life, increase your confidence, and, most importantly, prepare yourself to live your best life possible with yourself and those you love.


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