We don’t live in an ideal world. Our lives are riddled with strife and struggles – which is a universal truth. We are born into an unjust world. We don’t get to choose our families or our ethnicities. Some of us have the privilege to be oblivious to the injustices around us because it doesn’t impact us. While for others, these injustices are the biggest part of their existence. A perpetual threat that haunts us in our every waking moment.
African American people have been brutalized, enslaved, persecuted, and denied justice since the beginning of time. Shouts for equality have been disregarded, and the judicial systems are rarely just. African Americans have been wrongfully profiled and imprisoned, and their futures are given no regard as the system seems perpetually rigged to ensure their failure. But what would happen if, just for a moment, the white man’s world was turned on its head? Reversed is a tale of a girl named Riley, who lived a privileged life in a predominantly white town. When a new African American family moves into the neighborhood, friction sparks between the residents and the new family. Riley was the girl who had it all – the friends, the influential family, popularity, and respect in school until Riley gets into a terrible car crash. An insight into the microaggressions and maltreatment of African American people, Reversed sends Riley into an alternate universe where she goes into a coma and steps into a world where all her privileged is stripped. Reversed is a commentary on how racism is rampant in our society despite how far we claimed to have come. It is a story of growth, injustice, and how when the tables are turned and we are forced to have a change in perspective – massive change can follow.


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