The Fight for My Daughter

When the life of a beautiful, ambitious woman was turned upside down, she found herself in another reality. It was a world within a world of her own where she was no longer married to her husband nor was she allowed to live with her beloved daughter.
Shauna tells the story of her struggles to get the custody of her only daughter after she left her husband and decided to live on her own. The very tiring and painful process of court sessions, the constant pressure of not being a good mother, and losing faith in God, Shauna faces it all in this life-altering story.
She learns how brutal life can be for a woman going through separation from her husband who only wants to break her apart entirely. The loss of a daughter teaches her many things about the reality of relationships and the system that holds our world together. Between losing faith in God and the custody of her daughter, she steps into a realm of spirituality, which gives her a different perspective on life.
There’s only one question that will linger throughout the book – will she be able to use her newfound hope to get her daughter back?


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